History of Harbor: 


In the early 2000’s a group of Christ followers were asked to help provide a meal for a church’s Wednesday night services. At the same time, most of this group was attending a Seminary training course that included in-depth Bible study, including teachings from some outstanding men of God. Our group fellowshipped and worked together and grew in our relationship with God and one another.

We formed a weekly home group. This brought a deepening trust in hearing from the Lord. We prayed, and listened to the Lord for direction, and actually began to “live life together,” regardless of what that brought. We loved, we learned, we hurt, and we healed together, because the love of Jesus was stronger than any obstacle the world was throwing at us. And He changed us.  As we yielded more and more to the power of the Holy Spirit, Jesus revealed to us the beginning of what we were to do.

In April of 2006 we heard that we should serve others. We spent that summer doing yard work, simple house maintenance and painting for widows and the fatherless. It was a fulfilling summer, as we learned to love our Lord. He became our Beacon--the Foundation of our being, our beliefs, and our lives--more than ever before.

In October of 2008, the Lord gave us the name Harbor Christian Fellowship.  He told us that Harbor is what we are and what we had been doing all along. 











Service time: 10:00am

Please refer to the HCF calendar for the schedule.

Lunch is served following the service.


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